Health Express board consists of a distinguished group of leading experts, who are continuously practicing their knowledge and experience to build the pillars of the organization, in collaboration with Nelson Hospital and Brainpan Innovations.

Dr. Ajay Mishra | Head Intensive Care
Mrs. Panchali | Administration
Dr. Dinesh Pandey | Head Clinical Division


Health Express is collaborating with upcoming start up Brainpan Innovations, who are consistently working to bridge gaps between Pediatric Healthcare, Computer Science and Big Data Analysis.

Saurabh Singh | CEO (Brainpan)
Abhijit Das | COO (Brainpan)
Jan Niederau | Programmer (Brainpan)
Xiang Lee | Big Data Analyst (Brainpan)


A multidisciplinary team of doctors is brought together to provide routine check ups, diagnoses and treatment in various medical fields.

Dr. S.K. Singh | Physician Neonatology (NICU)
Dr. S.K. Verma | Physician Pediatric (PICU)
Dr. Devindra Saluja | Physician Pediatric (PICU)
Dr. Satyendra Sharma | Surgeon Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Anuraag Rastogi | Surgeon Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Ashish Gupta | Surgeon Pediatric Orthopedic
Dr. Shrish Bhatnagar | Pediatric Gastroenterology
Dr. Sanjay Singh | Surgeon Ear, Nose & Throat
Dr. Abhir Saraswat | Pediatric Dermatology
Dr. Vishal Mishra | Pediatric Ophthalomology
Dr. Rajat Kumar Srivastava | Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Prabhat Sharma | Neurophysician


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