Health Express, in collaboration with Nelson Hospital and Brainpan Innovations, provides a complete healthcare programme for children. All associated school and kindergarten institutions can avail the below mentioned list of services by making appointment. A team of reputed doctors is available for you, 24 hours, seven days a week.

Medical Emergency

Instant medical aid is available 24 x 7 in case of any accidents or health hazards that need immediate attention. For emergency appointments, please contact us.

Disorder Mitigation

Routine health check ups are arranged to monitor kids, in order to identify any disorder that impacts his or her performance. Consistent health check ups lead to early diagnoses and timely treatment of any disease. For appointments, please contact us.

Healthcare Education

Health Awareness Programmes are organized regularly to educate and update parents and children, with useful health related information. For appointments, please contact us.

Scientific Research

Health Express gathers, maintains and regularly updates vital medical information, including behavioural changes observed in children from time to time. The information is kept private and handled in a secure manner. Continuous evaluation of such information assists scientific research in identifying any new possibilities that may affect a child in future. For appointments, please contact us.


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